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Henry Blim wins a new roof! Click here to see the pix!

Medicare Advantage Links:

Dick Ingram (TRS Exec Director) powerpoint on Pensions and Health Insurance

***SPECIAL SITE for Medicare Advantage Info***:

CMS explanation of group benefits: http://www2.illinois.gov/cms/Employees/benefits/Pages/GroupInsuranceBenefits.aspx


1. Sing with the Festival Chorus at Harper College (click for info)

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Monthly Retiree Breakfast Schedules:
2nd Monday 9:30am at Rise and Dine in Wheeling
4th Tuesday Noon at Honeyberry in Arlington Heights (Northpoint)

D214 Retirees site: http://www.d214retirees.org

Our goal is to provide you with:
Notifications about your friends as soon as they are made available so you can attend, send a card or reconnect with them by subscribing to the "blasts". If you are NOT subscribed you can email info@jhhsretirees.com with your NAME, EMAIL and the YEAR you retired.